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Courtney Egan June 15, 2023 - August 27, 2023 | Free
Exhibition Notes

Courtney Egan’s projection-based sculptural installations deliver an experience that is both pleasing and disconcerting. The ethereal projections – converging on walls, floors and sculptural elements – are inspired by the growing frequency of human exposure to nature via computers or television. Egan creates stunning yet “subtly impossible, hybrid tableaus,” which envelope the viewer in a conversation between memory of the natural world and a new experience with a plant or flower. She explains the fundamental irony of the experience, stating, “We get closer and farther away from the natural world simultaneously when we experience it through a technological lens.”

Courtney Egan
’s projection-based sculptural installations mix botanical themes with shards of technology. In 2010 she presented a solo show, “Field Recordings,” at Heriard-Cimino Gallery in New Orleans. Recent group shows include “Louisiana Contemporary” at the Ogden Museum of Art, “Uniquely Louisiana” at the Louisiana State University Museum of Art, “NOLA Now II” at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, “The World According to New Orleans” at Ballroom Marfa, and “Frontier Preachers,” at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis.  Her work has been featured in the New Orleans Times-Picayune,,,, and in The Gambit.
Courtney has also screened short films at many festivals, including the New Orleans Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, MadCat Women’s International Film Festival, Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & VideoFest, and the Black Maria Film Festival.
Courtney was an artist-in-residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute and at Louisiana Artworks in New Orleans.  She is a founding member of the New Orleans-based visual arts collective Antenna.
Courtney holds an M.F.A. from Maryland Institute College of Art.  She taught art and media in elementary, secondary, and college classrooms since 1991.  Courtney is currently a Media Arts faculty member at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA).

This project is supported, in whole or in part, by the federal award number SLFRP5534 awarded to the State of Tennessee by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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