The Knoxville Museum of Art Presents Works by the Cumberland Furniture Guild

March 20, 2009

The Knoxville Museum of Art presents Arms, Legs, Feet, Heart & Soul: The Cumberland Furniture Guild from April 21 through August 9, 2009.

This unique exhibition, featuring 34 painstakingly-crafted creations by some of Tennessee ‘s most talented artists, blurs the distinctions between functional object and fine art. All the artists included in the exhibition are members of the Cumberland Furniture Guild, a select group of Tennessee artists who combine the best of contemporary and traditional furniture design with some surprising sources of inspiration. Their work is defined by variety rather than an identifiable regional characteristic, ranging from Greg Pennington’s traditional Windsor settees to Scott Thompson’s carved references to Craig Nutt’s whimsical vegetable furniture.

Other Cumberland Furniture Guild artists represented in the exhibition include Chris Barber, Allen Brooks, Graham Campbell, Stephen Crump, Scott De Waard, Mark Dillon, Miles Fields, Peter D. Fleming, J. Michael Floyd, Tom Fuhrman, James Hopper, James L. Horne, Al Hudson, David Knudtson, Bob Marsh, Dale McLoud, DiAnne Patrick, Mitch Roberson, Brad Sells, Alf Sharp, Christopher Somerville, Worth Squire, Michael Summers, Matthew Teague, Scott Thompson, and Kimberly Winkle.