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Liquid Light: Watercolors from the KMA Collection January 27, 2012 - April 15, 2012 | Free

Overview of Exhibition

This exhibition showcases recently acquired watercolors by East Tennessee artists Thomas Campbell, Charles Krutch, George Galloway, Walter Stevens, Carl Sublett, Richard Clarke, Whitney Leland, and Jered Sprecher, and presents them in the larger context of the museum’s watercolor collection alongside works by Charles Burchfield, Janet Fish, and other internationally known artists. Organized by the KMA.

Exhibition Gallery
Artist Biography
Thomas Campbell
Charles Krutch
George Galloway
Walter Stevens
Carl Sublett
Richard Clarke
Whitney Leland
Jared Sprecher
Alice Baber
Lloyd Branson
Frederick Bronsen
Charles Ephraim Burchfield
John W. Chumley
Adolf Arthur Dehn
Thorton Dial
Charles Kermit Ewing
Janet Fish
Dot Galloway
Charles Rogers Grooms
Ruthie Windsor
Robert A. Nelson
Lallah Miles Perry
Anne S. Powers
William Saroyan
Hubert Shuptrine
Lee Walton
Anton Weiss
Betsy Worden